Seamless & Welded Tubing & Fittings

Compression tubing is primarily used for chemical injection, control lines and flow line controls. There are a wide variety of applications when it comes to welded tubing and seamless tubing. It is important to select the correct tubing based on the usage and the pressure involved. SECO offers a number of options when it comes to compression tubing in West Texas and New Mexico. We offer our customers the solutions they need from the top rated tubing brands including Tylok, Generant, Canozzi and Nycoil. From 316 and 304 stainless steel grades, to welded tubing, coiled tubing and a number of tube fittings, SECO has what you need. Call a knowledgeable SECO representative today to solve your tubing needs.
The 316 seamless tubing grade offers the most amount of corrosion resistance of stainless steals. This grade is extremely strong and ductile at high temperatures. And can be made with heavier wall thickness if necessary. All of SECO’s stainless steel seamless tubing is available in a range of wall thickness .035 to .120 in both import and domestic, with a variety of sizes from 1⁄16” to 2”.

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