Pressure Gauges In West Texas & New Mexico

Pressure gauges are a tool used for measuring the state of a liquid or a gas. Pressure gauges are used for a number of purposes all over the world but are prominently used in West Texas and New Mexico in the oil and gas industry. At Specialty Equipment Company we understand that you need accurate results when measuring pressure of different elements. To support your precision we carry a number of pressure gauges for varying purposes to deliver precise results. From differential pressure gauges to digital, analog and liquid filled gauges, take your pick to find what you need whenever you need it.
These gauges use one dial to measure and display the difference in pressure for two points within a system. These pressure gauges can blower and fan pressure , air velocity, filter resistance, pressure drops and furnace draft and more. SECO provides our customers with Orange Research pressure gauges that can display small values of differential pressure with even the highest pressures. These differential pressure gauges come with reed switches, relays and transmitters to sound alarms, activate equipment or even shut down a system.

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