Precision Pressure Calibration

We understand the importance of having exact measurements with any type of job and accuracy cannot be obtained with faulty instruments. This is why calibration is needed. Specialty Equipment Company supplies precision pressure calibration equipment to West Texas and the surrounding New Mexico areas.

  • The hydraulic test pumps we carry are high performing, durable, reliable and easy to use. These hand test pumps are able to apply pressure up to 700 bar or 1000 psi and can be used to calibrate pressure switches, pressure transmitters and transducers with various liquids.
  • The Ralston Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pump provides for easy transport and durable in design. This hand pump can be used for calibration, pressure testing and custody transfer.
  • Calibration hoses supply instant pressure to your instrument without wasting liquid or gas. These quality hoses by Ralston were designed to sustain pressure during twists and turns and they provide an easy way to create and hold pressure during pressure or vacuum calibration.
  • We carry a number of Quick-Test adapters and fittings.  Including process, calibrator and pressure gauge adapters in a variety of connection styles, sizes, and materials.
  • For our customer’s convenience we also carry hose and adapter kits with over 20 kits to choose from.