Filters, Regulators & Lubricators

Specialty Equipment offers a diverse range of FRL components, providing numerous options for air filters, regulators, lubricators, and precision regulators. Our extensive inventory includes reputable brands like Parker, VanAir, and NEON, ensuring quality and reliability. With various sizes and PSI adjustment ranges available and bowl materials ranging from polycarbonate to metal bowls and die-cast zinc, our FRL components offer flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, our FRL components come with the option of matching mounting brackets and pressure gauges. Contact SECO, and our experts will assist you in finding the precise FRL components that best suit your needs.

Regulators, filters, and lubricators are available, along with combo filter regulators for both high- and low-pressure applications. Our offerings span sizes from ¼” through 2”, and we provide options in stainless steel, brass, and iron. Different brands are offered for customer familiarity and convenience.